J/65 Reviews & Articles

Puerto Vallarta Race Logbook

J/65 #2, BRAND NEW DAY, was launched in early February in San Diego, CA and only two weeks later set sail to Mexico in the performance-cruising division of the 2006 San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race.  Read more here.

SAILING Magazine Review- Bob Perry

The J/Boat company has come along way from the spartan J/24. The newest of its boats is this ultimate racer-cruiser the J/65 and it looks to me like this is about as close as you can get to the “perfect” boat.  Read more here.

SAIL Magazine Review- K. Livingston

In the business world, planners often wonder whether a given model will “scale.” In the sailing world that’s not critical, but it’s interesting when it happens, and rarely has a design concept been carried as far as J Boats has gone with its new J/65.  Read more here.

Hull #1 Sea Trials- Rod J. Report

Rodney and Alan Johnstone joined David Lake and Jeff Brown with reps from Hall Spars, Lewmar, and North Sails to put the J/65 through its paces. Following is a report from Rod.  Read more here.