J/34c Cruising in the Bahamas

Be sure to read this wonderful story of taking delivery of a J/34c, equipping her and traveling down the US East Coast to go cruising in the Bahamas for months.  Great lessons in preparation & logisitcs for anyone interested in cruising!!

Bahamas Cruising- Part I
Bahamas Cruising- Part II
Bahamas Cruising- Part III
Bahamas Cruising- Part IV

Practical Sailor Review- Ed Adams

Let's play word association. When you hear "J Boats," what are the first three words that come to mind? For us, those words are "Johnstone," "marketing," and "racing."  It's safe to say that the word "cruising" is far from the tip of anyone's tongue. But it might not be that way for long. Consider the power of the first two words- "Johnstone" and "marketing." Read more here..

J/34c Cruising World Review

Fast is fun. California boat builder Bill Lee said it first and he was right. But for all the builders and sailors who laud the virtues of speed, many are unwilling (or unable) to take the necessary steps to acquire true quickness. Unfortunately, compromises are usually part of the game if fleet sailing is an honest quest.
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J/34c Sailing World Boat of Year

As Eric Goetz says, "J-Boats' construction and detail are hard to beat?” Very hard this year, as the J/34c tops a mixed group of tough competitors. In the construction area alone, the boat is another example of J-Boats' commitment to toughness, with a superior hull/deck joint, heavily reinforced keel/hull junction, strong (GRP) bulkhead, and hand-laminated hull and deck.   Read more here....