SAIL Magazine- Just Launched..J/120

By Tom Dove

The new J/120 is an impressive 40-footer, a performance machine with cruising accommodations. Its size will appeal to sailors who want to go fast around the buoys and those who want to go from point to point and have real comfort once they get to an anchorage or marina.

TPI molds the hull with its resin-infusion process, using vacuum bagging and resin injection, to achieve a glass-to-resin ratio of 65 to 70 percent and minimal environmental impact during construction. The Baltek end-grained balsa core is covered with skins of biaxial and unidirectional glass; the outer hull uses vinylester.

Structural bulkheads and a framework of solid-glass L beams reinforce the hull. The mast rests on an aluminum I-beam keel step. All glass work is neatly finished, and the attractive cabin ceilings are teak in the saloon and padded vinyl elsewhere. The interior overhead features a removable padded-vinyl liner.


48 North J/120 Review

By Paul Bieker

The J/120--- it's a well rounded interpretation of a truly wholesome racer/cruiser. The J/120 is the new 40 foot racer/cruiser from the Johnstone clan. My only previous experience with any of the Johnstone boats was in a J/24 about four years ago and other than that I've formed my vague opinions of the boats based on pictures in the press and views from aboard other boats. Needless to say, I was pleased to have the opportunity to learn a little more about the newest member in a line of boats which has created such a solid niche in the performance production boat market.

I've seen the new J/120 on the water on several occasions during the spring keelboat racing on the Sound and have been impressed by her solid performance: winning first in class and first overall in Possession Point and placing in the top three in class in most of the other long distance races in which she was entered. I was told by friends that the boat was a racer/cruiser....